Why Fashion Isn’t Always About Clothing


The title of this article can seem puzzling to anyone who has even a passing interest in fashion. Of course, fashion is your clothing, right? Isn’t that quite literally the dictionary definition? Well, for the most part, we would agree. But bring in the top designers of the world, and they would agree with our next sentence emphatically – fashion is not always what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it.’

A confident, comfortable and relaxed woman can make even a basic summer dress look radiant. Someone who does not take care of themselves is very insecure in their environment and just wishes to be somewhere else will have trouble rocking even the most priceless dress.

But is fashion just about the confidence, and how comfortable you feel in your environment? Not at all. It’s in who you are, how you allow the clothing to express yourself, and how to best use it to paint yourself in celebration. After all, fashion is nothing without the people who wear it.

Consider our advice:

Your Self-Respect

Of course, when we think about ‘self-respect’ we think about a parent telling us not to wear a certain item of clothing because it’s too revealing. We aren’t going to assume that role – you have the right to wear whatever you want as long as it’s legal and appropriate to the situation, of course. However, your self-respect can be influenced no matter if you’re wearing clothing from head to toe or a bikini in winter. What we mean by this is how you feel your clothing helps accentuate your personality and interest.

To illustrate this, let us use an example. Consider heading to the opticians. You know you need some new frames, and you’d like to take this opportunity to update your look. We all know how glasses can influence the aesthetic of a face, and so you might wish to better how you look through this, or simply opt for something new.

Perhaps those in your office and personal life have started wearing horn-rimmed circular glasses as a new trend, but you still enjoy the look of the oversized rectangle rims. Perhaps the latter option forms to your face more appropriately. However, you wish to be included in this unspoken social group of horn-rimmers, and so you wish to adapt and choose a pair of those.

Turns out, they don’t look half as good. But even if they do, following the crowd against a preferable option you enjoy will erode your self-respect anyway.

When we consider the texture of the clothing we wear, how we style ourselves or how we are willing to try new things, we can easily see how the influence and expectations of others can harm us. It might be that learning to only wear clothing for yourself can help you find the style you most like. This is important because fashion is to be enjoyed.

Which is preferable? Wearing a style that ‘objectively’ suits you and helps you look your best, or going for a style that you truly love wearing, that helps you express yourself more appropriately? While these needn’t always be completely opposite to one another, it’s not hard to see how your personal confidence might lie on either side of this spectrum. To that extent, finding your balance is worthwhile, and the concept of ‘fashion’ will follow you no matter what you pick.

Your Smile

How is fashion best preserved? Being worn by those who are pristine yet have little to offer beyond striking looks? Or on those who enjoy wearing it, on those who are friendly and affable, those who might use their quirkiness to inform their fashion, and not the other way around. This is where simply elements of your overall appearance such as your smile come into play.

Even Coco Chanel could not simulate the beauty of a warm smile as Lydiard Dental could realistically help develop. There are certain human qualities that can be informed by fashion but are never replaced by. To this extent, it’s important to consider your posture, your reason for wearing items, and how you hope to express who you are. If you can do this, your smile will follow on naturally, and ironically this can be the best helper of all.

Fashion Is Historical

We often see fashion as a temporary thing, but that’s not always true. The most timeless fashion accessories can be more than worthwhile, such as beautiful sarees. This means that fashion is much more than just a textile, it is contextual, it is creative, it is a marker of our culture. For that reason, honoring your fashion is a celebratory means of honoring the past, too.

With this advice, you’re sure to look at fashion in a different light.


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