Tips for Choosing the Best Capezio Footwear for The Ballet Dancers

Capezio Footwear (2)

Ballet is a graceful dance form that is highly popular in many parts of the world, though originally it was developed in Russia and France. The dancers need to wear special dance costumes and shoes, which add more elegance to the dancing style.

However, it is important to buy ballet shoes from renowned brands and Capezio is one of the leading shoe manufacturing companies that the customers can rely on.  It is also essential for the customers to know about certain facts that should be checked before buying the ballet shoes online.

Capezio Footwear (2)

Guidelines for buying the best Capezio ballet shoes online:

  •  Specific Style – The ballet shoes need to be comfortable for the wearer and the definite style is chosen by the wearer as per her convenience. The straps of the shoes may be crisscrossed or attached in a straight line, whatever suits her while dancing. Some dancers prefer full soles, while some may be more comfortable with split soles. So the desired style should be mentioned distinctly while buying the dancing footwear online or from the local shops.
  • Perfect Size – The exact size is very important as the ballet shoes should be fitted perfectly on the feet of the wearer. Hence, it is essential to mention the actual size of the footwear needed from Capezio or any other reputed brand. In the local shops, the wearer should try on the shoes before buying; while online designers make sure that the shoes fit perfectly to the feet of the mentioned size.
  • Required Height of Heels – The height of the heels is important for the dancers who are quite particular about this aspect. Generally, the children are given ballet shoes with short heels of maximum 1 inch, to avoid any fall while dancing. However, the adult dancers are more likely to prefer taller heels of 2 inches or even more. So it is better to mention the desired height of the heels of ballet shoes before buying, to avoid any frustration later on.

Capezio Footwear

  • Colour of Footwear – The color of the ballet shoes should be matching to the chosen color of the ballet dance costume. Mostly, it is black for the boys and the kids, while the girls may be asked to wear pink or white ballet shoes. The choice of the color of the dress and shoes lies with the choreographer or the dance teacher, who decide it as per the subject of the dance.
  • The Material of the Shoes – The ballet shoes are either made of leather or canvases, whichever is more comfortable for the wearer. The budget of the buyer also is a factor in deciding the material, as the leather shoes are much expensive than the ones. The durability of the shoes is also a factor that should be checked before buying and certainly it depends on the type of materials and the making style of the shoes.

Normally, the ballet shoes should not be used as daily wear, as too much use can hamper its graceful appearance that is needed for dancing. Also, regular use of these shoes on the roads can reduce its longevity, as it is not designed to handle the wear and tear of common use.

Capezio shoes are made to be perfect for all ballet dancers and soft cotton lining are provided inside these shoes for rendering extra comfort to the dancers. These shoes are available online in all sizes, colors, and styles so that all the buyers can find their required ballet shoes. Some shoes are also provided with special insoles for combating some specific defects of the feet arches or the heels, making dance easier for the wearers.


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