Let’s Talk About The Most Elegant Piece of Dressing- Women’s Skirts

skirt designs

Skirts are a very common item of dressing for the women and they cover the lower part of the body. There are a variety of skirts which are available in the market and you can find them in every girl’s wardrobe. Skirts are the most comfortable form of dressing and you can wear them on any occasion and anywhere. Also, designing skirts is easy as compared to any other garment. In this modern world of fashion, you can find the types of skirts which have various sizes, designs, and fabrics. Even the silhouette varies from one skirt to another, like it can be flared, bouffant or narrow. There are straight skirts too, which are narrow and tight and perfect for office or board meetings. Here, we are going to discuss various types of skirts, which you can find on any online portal or physical stores.

These basic things about the skirts you must know before you buy women’s skirts.

Based on the length:-

1) Normal skirt:

This skirt is usually below the knee size about 2-3 inches.

below the knee skirt

2) Mini skirts:

The length of these skirts have a length of about 3-5 inches below the crotch and they end at mid-thigh level. They are kind of short, but not that short and reaches between the knees and crotch. You can say they are semi dres3sy and casual and you can wear them at a beach party, but not on a formal occasion.

3) Micro mini skirt:

They are kind of cute, but tiny and their length is about 10 inches from the waist and they are above the mid-thigh.

micro mini skirt

4) Maxi skirt:

They are long and their length goes to the ankles and even the floor. The length can vary as per the style and design of the skirt.

maxi skirt

5) Broomstick skirts:

They are either ankle length or knee length and they appear wrinkled. They have horizontal seams, usually three or more and they are only casual and perfect for a shopping day. But, for a party, they aren’t a good choice.

Broomstick skirts

6) Ballerina skirt:

The length of this skirt ends at the mid-calf level and it has firm layers.

boomstick skirt

Based on the Design of the Skirts:-

1) Pleated skirt:

Various folds in the skirts are also called as pleats and they depict fullness. Such skirts have a lot of pleats and these pleats are only vertical. When you move, these folds open up and provides you a free movement. Now, the pleats have various types and you can find skirts having some unique pleats, like inverted pleat skirt, box pleated skirt, knife pleated skirt, sunburst pleated skirt, accordion pleated skirt and even inverted pleat skirt. They are semi dressy and casual and on some occasions, you can wear them.

Pleated skirt

2) Basic skirt:

These types of skirts have darts, which are of equal length and they depict fullness around the waistline on both the sides front and the back. The pattern that you would get can even be used as the base of any other type of skirt.

Basic skirt

3) Skirts having less flare:

This skirt is body fitted and fits at the waist and the ease allowance is only about 1 to 2 inches around the hipline. If you think that this skirt won’t provide you enough freedom to move, then 2-inch flare is added on the side seam for that.

Skirts having less flare

4) Circular skirt:

Their name depicts that these skirts are actually like a circle and you’ll get this shape when they are fully open. This is the reason, why they are made of the fabric, which is having the maximum width. First, the cloth piece is cut into a circle and then elastic is attached to the top in order to create a waistband. This skirt looks like the fabric is draped beautifully around you and they don’t require any side seam.

Circular skirt

So, now you know what all types of skirts you can find, as per their size and shape. The choices are endless, but what you need is the most suitable one for your body type. But, you should never limit yourself to any one type of skirt and should try different types and explore more about skirts. Skirts are elegant and they are fun to wear, thus you should never deprive yourself of such an amazing dressing item.

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