4 Weird Ways That Fashion Can Impact Your Health

think about fashion

When we think about fashion, we often consider the choices that are going to boost our confidence levels and ensure that we look great. We consider the styles that are on-trend and the influencers who we love to follow.

Hardly anyone considers the impact a choice that may seem fashionable could have on our health. However, perhaps it’s time we did.

When exploring this topic, you’ll find that fashion can and often does at least have implications for your health and the health of others. So, let’s explore what this means and why it might be important.

Tight Dresses

Perhaps one of the most startling examples of this comes from Disney. Disney has often been criticized for portraying their princesses to have ridiculously tiny waists. This could perhaps be forgiven with cartoons but when the entertainment giant started to delve into live-action remakes the quality remained.

Many viewers were left shocked by Lily Jame’s impossibly thin waist in Cinderella. While at first, the producers defended it claiming the actress was naturally slim, it soon emerged that she could only fit into the dress after going on a liquid diet.

Liquid diets have been heavily critiqued and some doubt whether they can provide the full benefits of a real meal. They are often chosen in the name of fashion.

Allergic Reactions

You might notice that your fingers, neck or arms start to change color after wearing a particular piece of jewelry. Alternatively, you could find that you start to develop a rash. What’s going on? More often than not, this occurs after an allergic reaction. It is quite common for people to suffer allergic reactions after wearing certain jewelry.

If you want to avoid this, the best option will always be to ensure that you are not using imitation metals and spending a little more for the real deal instead. These allergic reactions aren’t often harmful but a green neck can certainly ruin the effect of a beautiful on-trend necklace.

Painful Feet

Alternatively, you might constantly be getting pain in your feet. It’s actually not natural to wear high heeled shoes and it forces your body into a painful position.

While it’s possible to learn how to walk in high heels, this is one of the reasons why they should not be worn all the time. Many health experts suggest high heels should be worn sparingly, perhaps only at special events and occasions.

Alternatively, cracked heels may also develop when you have shoes that look fantastic but don’t fit your footwell at all.

Squeezing Stomachs

Finally, it’s worth considering the corset. The corset was abandoned decades ago due to the problematic health issues it causes. However, it has reemerged recently thanks to the Kardashians as a way to lose weight and push your body into the perfect hourglass figure.

The problem is that corset’s actually squeeze your organs and used incorrectly are often linked to numerous health issues.

We hope this helps you understand some of the peculiar side effects you can experience when seeking out the perfect fashion choice.



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