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You have decided to resume the sport and you hesitate between training in the room or at home?

You want to have results quickly but you are not necessarily motivated to register in a gym. Between the eyes of people, the fact that you do not necessarily know how to use machines or the price of the subscription, you wonder if it is really mandatory to go through the gym. But as your colleague or boyfriend told you that you will never get any results if you do not go to a gym, you are a bit lost. So does one have to go to a weight room to get results? I explain everything in this article!


Already, I remind you one of the basic rules: there is no one method that is more efficient than the others (although there are of course rules to respect). The priority is not to do the same thing as your neighbour or your best friend. The priority is to find the training which suits you to you and to put the intensity and progress regularly.

For the rest, it is a matter of taste that you choose the Training in room or at home. Because if I learned something from my career, it’s good that we must find pleasure or we give up very quickly to the first difficulty. So do not worry, whether you choose Indoor Training or Home Training, you can get results!

I will still explain the differences between the two and especially the benefits of training indoors or at home. It will help you choose the method that suits you.


So the benefits of training at home are above all practical and financial! Indeed, train at home to many benefits especially for those who start! These benefits are mainly practical.  You can make use best Rowing machine for full-body workout

No schedule constraints, whether you prefer to train before going to work in the morning or on the contrary that it is the evening, after sleeping children, you can always train then finished the excuse of schedules.

If you do not train, you will have made other choices! (yes get up at 6am to train before work, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s feasible, so if we do not do it we do it other choices).

Training at home is also a time saver. No need to move (and when you live far from your room, it’s time saved). So if you have children, it can be a great way to reconcile all your obligations! We can even watch the cooking of the dish during its breaks.

Another benefit is usually financial! Registering in a gym can be expensive or very expensive (from 20 to 80 $ / month depending on cities and offers). If, like me, you are trying in addition to paying attention to your diet (do not hesitate to watch my article a day on my plate), the budget to sculpt his body can start to climb by adding healthy diet budget. So if you resume a sporting activity and you have a limited budget, it could be very interesting to do your sport at home to avoid too much expense.

Last advantage: No one to bother you! This is one of the fears most often found in people who are reluctant to go to a gym: the eyes of others.


So you will understand, we can of course have very good results at home and this training can therefore suit the vast majority. But I would recommend it especially to beginners, to teenagers (avoiding the heavyweights on a body still in development, you will limit the dangers linked to a bad practice), to the shy ones, to the people who have a small budget, a job busy, children or do not have access to a room nearby!

The only people I would advise against this type of trainingare those who have very high goals in terms of muscle development. If you want to look like Anlella Sagra, Michelle Lewin or Lazar Angelov, I suggest you go directly to the weight room or have enough space and budget to create your own weight room.


After reading the first paragraph, you will understand that the benefits of the gym are above all the enormous potential in terms of weight, types of exercises and machines available. In a weight room, you will have almost no limit! It’s very important to ensure you have unlimited progress.

Especially that even if you progress, it can happen to reach a level where one stagnates. In this case, we can work the muscle with other machines or types of exercises to restart your progress.

Beyond the machines and exercises possible, the rooms often offer the opportunity to test different activities such as fitness classes (zumba, body-fighting, stretching, abs-glutes, cycling etc.).

Another advantage (although in some rooms we can discuss …) is to have access to professional coaches and graduates. You can always ask them to check the way you perform an exercise, to advise you on a technique.

And do not forget that in most gyms, you have a first coaching session included for free in your subscription. It is usually used to make you a proposal for a program tailored to your goals and above all, show you how to perform the exercises. Do not hesitate to ask the question at the reception of your club and to return to see the coaches as soon as you need some advice.

Moreover, even if I know that when we have never been to a weight room, we especially have the impression that it is full of people who look at each other in the mirror or spend their time staring at the other members, especially the women’s gym, the weight room is above all a particularly stimulating environment to do your sport.

Seeing all these people who give themselves thoroughly makes you want to do the same thing. In addition, as you have paid, that you have taken time to come, as much streamline giving everything! So often, as soon as we arrive at the gym, even if we were not very motivated, we find the desire to excel and give everything! Especially if you attend a group class.

You could see that going to the gym has a lot of benefits but there can also be disadvantages.


So yes, there are some disadvantages to going to a gym. And to start it’s the other members of the room lol!

It is certain that one can sometimes lack of intimacy and that one can find oneself in situations a little embarrassing … Between those who watch you do your series (always nice when you are working your pretty gluteus …) and those who are there to flirt more than to work, we can sometimes have the impression that we will never be quiet.

Personally, I am rather quiet in the room and the situation that bothers me the most it is all these pseudo specialists who come to explain that you do not do things the right way.

But do not worry, this type of situation is exceptional and you will see that most of the time you will be totally quiet to train yourself and then, if we did not have to do things because of the reveries or people’s eyes, we do not would not do much. We learn very quickly to avoid these situations!

Another problem with gym is that sometimes you have to share your device with another person. Sometimes, there are so many people (usually in September, January and June when everyone takes good resolutions or remember that the beach is fast approaching) that we have to wait for his turn or to make something else.

Nothing is more annoying than being in the room and not being able to do what we had planned or risk becoming demotivated while waiting for his turn.

The last problem that I think is most important is the cost of the subscription. If there is more and more low cost room or the offer allows to lower the rates, it remains a significant budget every month that can vote. Especially if you demotivate after 2 months as you have already paid the annual subscription without possibility of redemption … It happened many times in my various failed attempts to take me in hand … hence the importance of testing a room well before subscribing to be sure that it meets our expectations and above all, to think carefully to his motivation!

Because I will be sincere. If you think that having paid will motivate you to go, you are wrong and may just be more of a rejection of the sport every time you think of this subscription paid for nothing if you gave up on the way.


Sundar writes for gym equipments. He is a writer for more than a year. And also working as a freelancer SEO analyst. He helps his clients to grow their business by advising them, how to advertise and market.


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