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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism When You Are Over 40

It is a little known fact that your metabolism changes as you age, and your hormones will impact your metabolism, digestion, and energy levels. Unfortunately, many people think that growing a love handle and having bingo wings is natural if you have reached the Big 40, and give up the fight.

There are some things you can do, however, if you would like to stay healthy and in shape, without starving yourself or spending every minute you can spare in the gym. Speeding up your metabolism might be simpler than you ever imagined. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Start Your Day With Warm Ups  

You don’t have to spend hours exercising in the gym, if you don’t want to. You can get your digestive system going by doing a quick yoga exercise, increasing your heart rate with a short cardio workout, or having a morning HIIT routine,

If you have steps in your house, you can set a target of going up and down a few times every morning, so you can get your circulation and heart going.

Follow Up with Fruit or Juice

eating fruit

Once you have started off your body circulation and got your muscles moving, you can start your day with fruit or a juice. Water is always a good way of keeping you hydrated, so you can add some to your fruit juice, so you are not getting a sugar rush.

From adding dried fruit to your morning muesli or cereal and opting for sugar free breakfast, combined with slow release carbs, you can prevent hunger during the morning and get the essential nutrients in your body instead of just processed carbs.

Be Picky When It Comes to Snacks

Snacking might be your weakness, and it can ruin your digestion and slow down your metabolism. Too much sugar can cause you to crave more snacks, not to mention that you will be feeling hungry fast.

Instead, you can go for healthier options, such as whole grain cereal bars, dried fruit, such as mangoes and banana chips.

You will, however, need to be aware that fruit sugar should also be consumed in moderation. While you are increasing your fiber intake, you can gain weight if you are not careful.

Learn to Cook from Scratch

Cooking from scratch and not relying on fast food and ready meals is essential when you are over 40. You want to keep an eye on what you eat and know exactly what has gone into your meal. It is never too late to learn new skills, and there must be plenty of local cooking classes you can join for a few weeks’ course and learn the basics of nutrition and healthy eating.

You don’t have to opt for flavorless foods to lose weight and improve your metabolism. You can make your meals more interesting by adding some spices and fiber rich ingredients.

Make Your Meals Tastier


Learning to cook basic food might not do the trick, and you will have to improve your skills and knowledge when it comes to spices and condiments. You should make the most out of your cupboard ingredients and learn how to add taste and color. After all, it is all in your head, and the more colorful and interesting the food on your plate looks the less you will want to eat.

You should learn how to use different greens and fresh fruit, vegetables, and make your whole grains, such as linseed taste and look better.

You can, for example, use roasted pumpkin seeds to spice up your salads. Adding Probiotic Yogurt to your salad and snacks will help you increase your metabolic rate, too.

Ditch The Car and Sofa Training

If there is one lifestyle choice that is making a difference in your metabolism, it is taking the car everywhere and sitting on the sofa all night. It is forgivable if it is only happening on Friday nights, but you need to start thinking about your everyday activity level instead of making huge changes. Are you going for a walk after food to help your body digest, or are you jumping in the car straight away?

If you have noticed that your metabolic rate has decreased as the years have passed, you will need to take a more active role in managing your diet. Step up your game when it comes to managing your activity level, start the day with light exercise,and you will see how small changes make a big difference.



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