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The Most Relaxing Activities to Promote Health and Fitness

Does achieving a fit body have to be so exhausting?

It’s easy to understand the necessaity of having to sweat a little and a few tears here and there to get to that goal weight, but what about the body?

In order look its best, does it have to tire itself out or be filled with pain?

Some might say yes, and those who do have the physical results to prove their point. While others see different ways of promoting fitness that’s not too physically taxing, but in fact, completely relaxing. The road to your body goals doesn’t have to be the path others have gone through, but rather the one perfect for you.

Today, getting fit isn’t all about spending hours and hours in the gym lifting weights and using all sorts of equipment. It’s about finding the best exercise for you and sticking to it until you’re a healthier you. At times, these can even be relaxing and refreshing, and here are a few of them.


Arguably the most famous exercise in this list is yoga. Yoga is a known method of working out wherein you stretch your body through multiple poses. Some of those poses have particular objectives, such as strengthening your core, flexing your joints, and ultimately relieving you of all your tensions.

It’s one of the few exercises you can learn for yourself and do wherever you are. You’ll just need a mat, some soothing music, maybe some a relaxing scent or two, and you’re good to go. By the end of your session, you’re guaranteed to be feeling fresh and rejuvenated, as well having a trimmer figure.

Whole-Body Vibration Training

Would you believe that there is a sort of exercise wherein you don’t even have to do anything and you’ll still end up losing weight? This actually rings true to whole-body vibration training. This relatively new form of working out, which entails a vibrating machine and your body on it, hs slowly becoming popular.

Various athletes and fit celebrities have all attested to its effectiveness. You’ll only have to step on the machine, turn it on, and let it do its magic. It’s a relaxing therapy that’s perfect for those who may not be physically able to do other more strenuous exercises.

Morning Strolls

What could be better than waking up on a nice morning, having a sip of coffee, and taking a stroll around town? The fact that doing so actually helps you trim down and achieve your body goals. Granted it’s not jogging, there’s no denying that taking a morning stroll can just as easily help you lose weight, albeit a lot slower than other exercises.

This, however, shouldn’t be discounted, as a morning stroll is also good for the mind. During this time, when other people probably haven’t woken up yet, you get to meditate as well. By the time you go home, you would have lost some weight and gotten a clear mind to start the day right.


Pilates is probably the most strenuous exercise in this list, but it’s still a lot more relaxing than other my physical workouts. Similarly to yoga, you get to contort your body into various positions, some you might never have known that you were able to do, in order to release the tensions of your body and elongate it into a fitter shape.

Some also do it with various equipment to further build up the muscles and establish a stronger core foundation. You can do this with other people in a class or by yourself at home, the important thing is you’re relaxed while doing it.


Who doesn’t want a good bike ride?

Peddling your way across the world with the breeze in your face as you zoom through. It’s an easy exercise that’s as relaxing as it is fun. You can choose to go the or peaceful route and bike rice across the country, seeing the wonderful sights and natural wonders in your area.

For a more adventurous experience, you can also ride through the city, trying to avoid fast cars, and seeing how other people spend their busy days. In both variations. you’re sure to lose weight and improve your physical well-being by the end of it.


Swimming is both a sport and a pastime, and whether you’re doing it as one of the other, there’s no denying that you’re guaranteed to be fitter and more relaxed. In fact, even if you’re swimming for fun and not in major competitions, you’re still likely to shed a few pounds or so. At the same time, your mind will be at ease as well.

There’s just something about spending time immersed in water that’s simply refreshing and rejuvenating. Even when you’re not doing all those impressive strokes that Olympic medalists do, you’ll still achieve the same physical and mental benefits of the sport.

It’s important to remember that there are always numerous ways into reachig your body goals. If you think you’d prefer other less-known exercises or you’re even unable to do the popualr ones that are extremely strenuous, go for those that suit you. It’s always better that, no matter how many pounds you shed, you’ll still feel relaxed and peaceful.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Ong is a freelance lifestyle writer. He’s currently contributing pieces to VibraProFitness, all about working to get a better body as well as a clear mind to achieve overall well-being.


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