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How To Look Young At The Age Of 40


Looking younger than your actual age does not only mean that you need to take care of the external things, but you also need to down in the right food to look youthful. Eating well does not only do miracles for your overall body and your waistline and boost your immune system but it can also provide some benefits, like smoothing the wrinkles on your face, giving you a glossy and shiny hair and it can also strengthen your nails. The food that you eat, and your overall diet can affect your appearance and it also plays a role in how you age.

Doctors have said that in order to look younger, you need to create a building block for healthy skin and hair, and that includes nutrients, fatty acids, and minerals as well as antioxidants that can help protect your body from environmental stresses that could damage it.


One of the most unexpected food that could help make you look younger and have a greater skin is grilled meat. You may have heard a couple of complaints about grilled meat, as many people think that it is a bad thing. But one of the golden rules when it comes to healthy eating at a restaurant is that you should choose grilled meat over fried meat. The reason behind this is that grilled meat is a healthier choice because there is no batter coating or any dripping grease that is found to be unhealthy.

The act of grilling the meat can make it look good and taste a lot better. It has a smoky flavor and it has grill lines that can form the food and give it a specific fresh taste. Believe it or not, grilling is better and healthier, and here are some of the additional grilled food and meat that you can consume.

Grilled Fruits and Vegetables

Aside from the health benefits of grilled meat, you can step it up by adding grilled fruits or vegetables. They can go with any grilled meat or fish that you want. We need to eat vegetables and fruits and they are also known to make our skin look better and it can also reduce the risk of stroke, obesity, heart disease and cancer. Adding grilled fruits or vegetable can boost the antioxidant of the meat that you are going to eat.

grilled fruits and vegetables

Grill Lean Meat

Although grilled meat is better for the skin than fried meat and it has its share on making you look younger, you still need to limit the amount of fat that is on the meat that you are planning of grilling. You can choose lean cuts that are already trimmed from its fat and skin. You can go for a very lean cut of beef, skinless chicken or pork.

grilled lean meat

Marinate Your Meat

Marinating your meat can add infusing and delicious flavors into your meat, vegetables, and fruits. The marinade ingredients that are proven to enhance the taste of meat and are healthy are vinegar, wines, lime juice, lemon, soy sauce, garlic, honey, herbs, onions, and spices. You can use low-fat marinades or fat-free marinades on your grilled fish, meat or chicken so that you can limit the fat that can drip on your coal. The marinating of your meat before grilling it can reduce the formation of HCA by 92% to 99%. When you are choosing marinades that are already bottled or if you are planning to make your own marinade, it is best to look for products or different recipes that has canola oil or contains olive oil. You also have to keep in mind that meats and chicken should be marinated at least 1 to 2 hours and vegetables and fish should be marinated for an hour.

marinated meat

Limit your grilling time

It is highly recommended to grill smaller portions of chicken, meat, and fish so that they can be grilled and cooked faster and you can also spend justles time on the grill. This also reduces the chance of over grilling your food that could be unhealthy. It is best to precook the meat, poultry or fish in the microwave or the oven then finish cooking them on your grill.

Flip your meat

It is best to flip your food as frequently as possible so that there won’t be any formation of HCAs and it can be healthy to eat. This is the reason why hamburger patties are flipped as often as they are. It can also evenly cook the meat, fish or poultry that is on your grill. It is best to use spatulas or tongs when flipping your meat instead of a fork so that you can turn them without piercing them. A pierced meat can release its juice that could drip onto the coals.

Skewer your meat

The best way for you to spend less time on the grill is to cut your meat into small pieces and skewer them. You can do this if you are grilling seafood too. You can even add some fun by alternating pieces of chicken, meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. They will taste a lot better and there is also a dynamic in the food that you are going to eat. If you do not have any skewer then you can use branches of rosemary, they can infuse the taste and scent of rosemary into your food as it grills, and it looks good as a presentation.

Benefits of Grilled Meat

These are the benefits of grilled meat and why they are better for you and your skin.

  • You eat little to no fat – when you opt to grill your meat, you can eat little to no fat of the meat because all of the excess fat can drip off of the grates of your griller. The fat cannot pool and cannot be re-absorbed by the meat.
  • Vegetables that are on the grill are better for you – Vegetables can retain their vitamins and their minerals if they are grilled instead of being fried or boiled. This is true especially for fruits and vegetables that have the water content that is low.
  • The nutrients of the meat can be retained–The reason why grilled meat is healthier because it can retain more nutrients of the meat, like riboflavin and thiamine. These nutrients are needed for you to have a better body and a healthy diet and there are also many health benefits from them, including better skin.
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