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Learn To Love Your Smile

Do you hate your smile? Studies suggest that 28% of us don’t like having to smile for photographs. Some of us even get so embarrassed that we instinctively cover our mouths when smiling. Many of us don’t like smiling because we don’t like our teeth – they may not be white enough or they may be wonky. Others may simply not like the way they smile.

Whatever the reason, not liking one’s smile isn’t healthy. Smiling is important for lifting one’s mood and gaining the trust of others. By learning to love your smile, you’ll make yourself and the people around you happier. Here are just a few ways in which you can learn to love your smile.

Find your best angle

If your issue stems from photographs, it may just be a case of finding the right angle. Few people are naturally photogenic – those that take stunning selfies do so by practicing the right angle and the right facial expression over and over again. Try practicing in a mirror or in your phone’s front-facing camera until you find your most flattering angle.

Master the closed mouth smile

You can smile with a closed mouth. If you really hate your teeth, mastering this smile could be the way forward. This may similarly be something you want to practice in a mirror or in your phone’s front-facing camera. You can read a guide on closed mouth smiles here at Leaf TV.

Think happy thoughts

The best smile is a natural smile. Whilst some people can benefit from practicing their smile, it may make others too self-conscious. These nerves could then result in a smile that looks fake (the eyes are often a giveaway when faking a happy smile. By thinking happy thoughts as you smile, you’re more likely to produce something genuine and endearing.

Invest in dental treatment

Another option could be to pay to fix up your smile. By investing in dental treatment, you’ll have the confidence to display your teeth. There are dental surgeries out there such as Your Dentist Darwin that can do everything from fitting veneers to fitting braces. Dental costs on specific treatments can vary, so it could be worth shopping around.

Build your self-confidence

Fear of smiling could be down to a lack of self-confidence. By becoming more confident and not caring about what people think, you may learn to love your smile in spite of whether your teeth are yellow or crooked or even missing. Eventually, you may not think about smiling – you may just do it. By being less anxious about it, you may also draw less attention to it and the people around you may not even notice your teeth.



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