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Why is it Important to Wear Sports Bras?

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For fitness, you might think that money should be spent on gyms and fitness suits.

However, you are likely to miss the women’s sports bras, which is the most important sports equipment.

Although the leisure industry is currently hot, there are only three-quarters of women in the UK who wear the wrong bras to exercise. You might think that this will not make a big fuss. But we can prove it with facts.

Do you know what the main organization in our breasts is? Primarily fat, they are supported by skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers ligaments. Because they lack flexibility, when you are doing repetitive or high-impact exercise, the breasts bounce and pull the ligaments, so you need to stretch them. But if these ligaments stretch, they will remain in this state. This will lead to a situation that women do not want to see most – breast sagging, which is almost a nightmare for every woman.

What problems will arise if you don’t have the right support?

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Breast pain and upper back and shoulder problems. Without any bra operation, this operation would cause the breast to move up and down 8.5 cm for ordinary women. In this case, if you wear a normal bra, you can reduce it by 32%. But if you wear a sports bra, it will be reduced by at least 20%.

A survey last year showed that the survey came from Herriot-Watt University. Even women with small breasts, such as the 34A breasts, need extra support when you are exercising.

A spokesperson said that the spokesperson from a CCR body size and research specialist company, British women have already faced serious risks related to permanent damage and stretching of the breast ligament. Long-term problems can occur if you don’t wear a properly fitted bra with motion support for a long time.

In 1977, the sports bra was only invented. At the time, two sports shoes were stitched together to invent a jogging bra. The invention was made by two women.

There are several companies that are producing this model, but they are increasingly complex models. There are two basic types: one is to flatten the breast on the chest – just like a cropped top – the way to keep the breast is the same way as a regular bra.

As a general rule, for women with a breast size of 32-34A, a compression bra can provide enough support. This support can help you perform various forms of exercise, but for women with a breast size of 34-36B, For low impact sports. For others, you can choose the second bra, which will be more suitable for you.

Does the sports bra have any effect?

The answer is yes, with varying degrees of influence. As a rule, if you are participating in low-impact sports like yoga and pilates, then this bra with a lower impact level should be fine for you, but for practicing more efficient exercise, Such as aerobics, horse riding, jogging or squash, this bra with a lower impact level is not enough, a bra that affects a lot, you will need.

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Do you want to find a bra of the right size, what method can I use?

Women wearing the wrong size black corset bra to the words black corset bra)are more than 80% light in the UK.Shadi Fitki, a bra fitter, provides a simple guide to the bra fitter Shadi Maleki from the Selfridges department store in London. His guide can help you find the right choice.

First: Find the right back size

The chest is measured in inches and is located in the chest below the breast around the body. Do not wear  plus size bodysuit  when measuring, if the measured value is even 4 inches less than the figure. If your measures are uneven, then subtract five inches. The rest is the size of your back.

Second : Find the right cup size

This can be done by measuring the widest part of your breast – the nipple – with the tape measure close to your back. The final back measurement needs to be deducted from this measurement. If the difference is within 5 inches, then you are the A cup. If not, add one cup size each.


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