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Feeling dehydrated? Quench your thirst by eating these 5 fruits


As the heat gets a little too much, your body will need an increase of fluid intake to keep up with the rise in temperature. Less water leads to dehydration which can be a critical health hazard.

As our body is composed of around 60 percent of fluids, this means water is essential for survival and should be a part of our daily intake. The body works on distributing the fluids to the organs that need them, to ensure that they function properly and keep us healthy.

Experts recommend eight glasses of water every day as a minimum required fluid intake. Apart from this, our body extracts fluids from the food we eat that contains water in them. Fruits are the most common types of food that contain water.

This is why, during summertime, you see plenty of fruits being served and sold. Fruits are not only sweet and yummy; they also contain water that helps with hydration.

If you are feeling dehydrated, here are 5 fruits that can quench your thirst.

cucumber1) Cucumber

“Cool as a cucumber.” You’ve probably heard this phrase many times and there is some truth into it. Have you noticed that no matter how hot it is outside, cucumber stays cool when you touch it? Cucumber is made up of 90 percent water which makes it an effective thirst-quencher.

Cucumber is an effective ingredient used for natural anti-aging and anti-wrinkling. You may have seen or used cucumber as an eye patch at night and find that your eyes are a lot more rejuvenated when you wake up. You can soak cucumber in water for your detox method.

lettuce2) Lettuce

Among the vegetable family, lettuce is the one with the highest water content. At 95 percent water content, lettuce is your number one go to vegetable thirst quencher that is low in calories, high in protein and no fat. It has plenty of antioxidant properties. It also has calcium and fiber. All in all, this vegetable is a perfect example of a complete and healthy snack.

You can add lettuce to your green salads to add more flavor and nutrients to it. You can eat them directly and raw. You can also add them to your milk or vegetable shake and make a smoothie.

waterlemon3) Watermelon

It may come as no surprise, because as its name itself suggests, this fruit is made up of water. Watermelon is considered as a superfood during summer time. Apart from that, watermelon is basically just a delicious fruit.

You can add watermelon to your meals, before, after or during as part of your salads. You can eat watermelon as a snack.

Watermelon is a great, all-around food that you can eat anytime of the day, not only as a tasty snack but to keep you hydrated too.

apple and strawberry4) Fruits such as Apple & Strawberry

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially during summer time. This is because apple is made up of 86 percent water content which makes it a perfect rehydrating snack, among its many other health benefits such as vitamins A, C and E.

The water content in apple, alongside its vitamin contents, can give you more energy, lowers cholesterol levels and overall, keeps you healthy.

Strawberries are not only sweet and tasty; it is made up of 91 percent water which, together with apples, makes them the perfect duo for rehydrating fruits. One study suggests that strawberries have a rich source of compounds that can help improve our cognitive function.

celery5) Celery

The “crunch crunch crunch” sound it makes when eating this food only makes it more enticing to eat. It’s a good thing too, because celery is an effective rehydrating food due to its 95 percent water content. Aside from this, celery is rich in potassium, folate, vitamin K and it is low in calories.

Celery can be added to your green salads, or you can eat them directly to enjoy the sound of the “crunch” more.

 Water is a vital part of our health and life. With these fruits, you can mix up and make your hydration routine more sweet and enjoyable. Add them to your healthy diet plan to balance the fluid intake of your body.

Stay healthy and hydrated this summer. Make the most of your summer escapades under the sun’s heat but also pay attention to what you drink and eat. Take note of these fruits and add them to your meal plans.

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