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Everything You Need To Know About ACL Reconstruction Surgery In India

What is ACL Reconstruction?

ACL reconstruction happens to be of the top draw. Millions of patients come to India for this medical treatment. It would be better to have an association with a medical tourism company as they take care of all the details in relation to the surgery.

How it is Peformed?

In terms of the procedure you can say that it would be performed under general anaesthesia. The surgeon goes on to make a couple of incisions around the knee. With the help of special instruments, the both bone tunnels are being drilled. One of them takes place in the femur and the other in the tibia. They are secured at both the ends by screws.

The ACL goes on to support ACL reconstruction. This would give way to both contact along with non-contact mechanism. When it comes to the contact mechanism it includes

  • If you fall down on an extended knee
  • You are playing with your foot planted on the ground and a blow is taken on the lateral side of your knee.

As far as the non-contact mechanism is involved,

  • You go on to miss a step when you are climbing a stair
  • From an extreme height when you jump improper landing occurs
  • Suddenly changing directions when you are twisting or turning.

What is the better option of treatment?

As far as the treatment of ACL reconstruction in India can be done in a couple of ways. Surgical repair works out to be a rare choice. You can go to adopt this procedure when the ligament is fully torn off. But you can say that it is still intact and not torn out in any form.

It is suggested that you adopt this procedure due to less complications. There is a possibility of a ligament surgery at a recurring level.

On the other side of the coin reconstruction surgery works out to be the next best choice. Here in this procedure less destruction occurs and the recovery process ceases to be faster. With the aid of a tissue graft goes on to replicate the function of the injured ligament.

In case if you feel that the knee has been prone to destruction or there is lack of stability of the knee.

In addition you are not going to gain any relief if you adopt alternative traditional form of medicines as well.

The Recovery

The recovery phase of this procedure works out to be much faster. You can expect the patient to be discharged the next day after the procedure. As a patient you can be able to move with partial weight bearing crutches. This is going to be discontinued after a couple of weeks. This is till that point where the knee muscles are in a position to support the limb.

You can take part in any outdoor activities, but to return back to any sports activities it would take you around 6 months. A comprehensive rehab procedure is suggested after the surgery for you to be able to be back in top condition.


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