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What Chinese Food to Eat on Weight Watchers

chinese diet to lose weight

Chinese food is delicious and is also one of the most popular world foods globally. Today, there are Chinese food restaurants and takeaways found all across the world providing people of different countries the rich flavors and recipes. The delicious natural flavors along with healthy ingredients, when taken right can also boost your weight watchers diet.

Are you on a diet and watching your weight and wondering what Chinese food to eat when on weight watchers diet plans? If you can manage some of these great Chinese food recipes at home, you often will not have to worry about any of them. However, when eating out, or getting Chinese foods packaged in White Chinese Food Boxes from takeaways or restaurants, you have to be careful regarding the ingredients and fat boosting products used in some of them.

Here are few delicious and healthy Chinese foods that go very well with weight watchers diet plans. These also help keeping your body filled up on natural energy while taking care of your taste buds at the same time:

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Although many world recipes have chicken fried rice of some sort modified according to their own preferences, yet it is largely Chinese. Chinese Chicken Fried Rice have all natural ingredients in them including raw chicken, rice, eggs and a few vegetables.

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

With many different vegetables used in them along with protein rich chicken, Chinese Chicken Fried Rice is always one of the healthiest dishes. This delicious recipe is also easy to cook at home. Suit your way of eating it and enjoy the delicious flavor along with healthy nutrients included.

Crunchy Chinese Coleslaw

If there is one thing common in most dry Chinese dishes, it’s their flavor filled crunch. Crunchy Chinese Coleslaw takes this delicious crunch one step further. The Mandarin Orange flavor brightens this fresh slaw salad and is also one of the easier salads to make at home.

Crunchy Chinese Coleslaw

All you need is some mandarin oranges, some lettuce and a few other home available items. Whether you are making this at home or getting it from your Chinese takeaway, this slaw will go great with your weight watchers diet. You will also have healthy energy and a filling feeling to go along as well.

Egg Drop Soup with Chicken

Except for people with egg allergies, this egg drop soup with chicken is a great option. Perfectly packaged in Chinese Food to Go Boxes with liquid proofing foils in them, this soup is a perfect healthy starter. The touch of chicken and a whole lot of vegetables makes it a perfect weight watcher companion.

egg drop soup

If you plan to carry this soup to work or with you on the go, you will need high quality Chinese Food Boxes. These White Chinese Food Boxes or printed ones also need a food foil to keep all the liquid inside while keeping it warm. This healthy soup can be the perfect weight watchers companion for your diet.

Healthy Chinese General’s Chicken

This smart Chinese General’s Chicken recipe contains sugar. By replace sugar with Splenda, you can reduce the calorie count in this delicious dish and yet have no compromises in its flavor at all. The fresh chicken with cooked veggies is your secret to good health and this one has lots and lots of them both.

Healthy Chinese General’s Chicken

Treat yourself to some boiled rice to go with this delicious chicken recipe. Providing you pure protein and not much fats at all, this is a perfect Chinese food to go with you weight watchers diet. Don’t eat this too much though, you will get used to it, just saying!

Orange Chicken with Broccoli

Chicken and broccoli is a match made in Chinese heaven. Throw in a bit of orange flavor and get your taste buds ready for a treat of a lifetime. This tangy dish can be made at home easily as it only required chicken, broccoli, a few Chinese spices and orange. Delicious as it is, this is also very filling with protein goodness for your body.

Orange Chicken with Broccoli

When you are on weight watchers diet, this delicious, tangy, moist and healthy Chinese recipe provides your body just what it needs. Healthy nutrients and lots of protein with no added artificial fats or too many wasteful calories at all. Your taste buds will love and your body will thrive on it.

Stir Fried Chinese Chicken Vegetables

Everyone loves a bit of stir-fry right! This one is very easy to make at home and also available at Chinese takeaways and restaurants packed in Chinese Food to Go Boxes. This delicious weight watchers suitable Chinese food dish is one of the food anytime dishes. Your body will get all healthy nutrients from chicken and vegetables with no fats or excessive calories at all.


Just be sure to have it still warm from your frying. Even when packaged in Chinese Food Boxes made specifically for friend items, this will lose heat quickly because of no added curries. Reheating this one in a microwave is not suitable, as the vegetables will go damp. Best to enjoy this one while it is still warm and not too late after it was cooked.

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Staying on the stir-fry of things, we have another special one for you. Beef and broccoli just go great together. Have these stir-fried to perfection and also drop in a bit of soy sauce to spice up the flavor. This is surely one of the Chinese dishes that look as healthy as it is delicious.

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

As long as you do not dry the whole thing too much and leave a bit of sauce on it, you will enjoy the juicy flavor. Your body will love this nutritious dish and weight watchers also recommends this type of pure food at all times. Make it at home or get it from your Chinese takeaway, you will eventually fall in love with it.

Delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken

Last but not least on our list is the delicious full of curry sauce sweet and sour chicken. Filled with all the protein and vegetable goodness you body will need while on weight watchers, this one is super mouth watery. Don’t forget those healthy Chinese spices to add to the flavor of this sensation.

Delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken

You can have this on its own or pour it down on boiled white rice. We recommend that you try at least a bit of this sweet and sour chicken on its own to just make your taste buds flow supreme.


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