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What Causes Joint Pain after Delivery, Know its Recovery Period, Home Remedies?


The entire process of your pregnancy exposes you to a variety of information about your own body. The duration allows you to come in terms with the changes that have taken place in the entire period.

There are a bunch of other changes that occur after delivery of the child as well. Having a good knowledge of these changes can help you be prepared for the upcoming changes will able to deal with them better.

Many new mothers experience pain on their hips even after surgery. Some women discover a weird wobbly feeling in the knees persists, even after the baby is out.

There are various reasons for joint pain after delivery and knowing about them is also very important. It is also very important to know some home remedies which can easily treat this problem of joint pain after delivery.

If you are living in New York you can hire personal female gym trainer in NY. There are some causes which can lead to joint pain after delivery.

Some causes of joint pain are:

1. The main reason why most mothers face is an acute joint pain after delivery, because of weight gain. Women carry the baby inside their womb during pregnancy, whose weight is increasing gradually.

After delivery, the body shows some visible changes in women body including joint pain.

2. Another prime reason for joint pain after pregnancy is the problem of chronic pain and arthritis. These problems cause joint pain after delivery.

3. Women who have previously suffered from tailbone or joint injuries can experience joint pain after delivery.

4. A hormone called Relaxing is often considered to be one of the most important causes of joint pain. This hormone works to relax down the body ligaments, which helps women to carry some additional weight of the baby. But, after delivery, the body ligaments take a good amount of time to regain their actual position. This is also a possible reason for joint pain in the body.

5. Women who are unable to do exercise during pregnancy. Due to certain health issues, the previous joint related problems have the greater risk of joint pain after delivery.

How long it takes to get recover from joint pain after delivery.

The recovery and the time duration of joint pain depend upon the health of women. After delivery joint pain may last upon few weeks or 6 months time. Women who have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy food tends to recover soon. Some other factors influence the recovery period for joint pain after delivery are rest, post-delivery care, previous injuries or joint complaints.
Some main causes which will prolong the recovery period of joint pain after delivery are:
1. The incorrect posture of the mother while breastfeeding
2. Daily responsibility like handling a baby or performing some other strenuous activities can possibly increase the joint pain after delivery.


Women need to have the proper rest during the pregnancy period. You need to make sure that you take sufficient time for yourself as being a mother. You need to go for some light exercise only after consulting your doctor.

These light exercises will provide relief from joint pain after delivery. A healthy diet with proper relaxation technique can help you to a great extent. You also need nutritional supplements with proper medical advice to get a fast recovery.

If you want to treat your joint pain through home remedies then, these tips will help you.

1. It’s quite necessary to do some light exercise regularly. These exercises will keep your body active and control joint pain after delivery. Some light exercise includes swimming which does not cause much pressure on the lights.

In any case, it’s best to have a consultation with a female gym trainer in New York before adhering to any exercise schedule.

2. This is a perfect home remedy which one can opt is hot and cold therapy. You can use the hot water bags or go for a hot water bath in a tub. By using ice packs to alleviate the pain in the joint will give you gradual relief.

Make sure that you don’t use hot bags or ice packs directly on the naked skin. You can wrap them in a towel and then apply it to the area that hurts.

3. Nothing beats a fantastic body massage, massage your joints yourself or hire an expert who can give you a great massage. You can use certain oils and ointments that are known to control joint pain and also can lubricate the massage process.

4. Another great way to find relief from joint pain is by acupuncture techniques. These can be done right at home if you are well-versed with them. It is always recommended to take your expect or doctor advice.


The joint pain or aches that occur after delivery are all part of the natural process that happens throughout pregnancy. Your body has undergone a huge change in nine months and you have seen extreme conditions throughout pregnancy. You need to give it a good time to recover, balancing relaxation and activity in a right manner; the pain will start subsiding and bring you relief.

However, if the pain worsens or you start observing changes in your body which you haven’t seen before, get in touch with your doctor.

It is also better to avoid wearing high heels after pregnancy as it can increase joint pain. Wearing comfortable clothes and footwear can give you a great relief from joint pain after pregnancy. It is also important to learn proper ways of handling the baby, appropriate posture while working will help you to manage from joint pain.

Taking proper rest is one of the important things for every new mother. You can have domestic help for daily chores allow you to take adequate rest.

These home remedies for joint pain after delivery is an effective way of controlling body pain. Healthy lifestyle and pain-free motherhood can help women to take good care of her baby.


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