Career in B.SC Fashion Technology – M.Sc, P.Hd, Designing, Job Opportunities, Salary Package

fashion designning

fashion designning

Today, we will discuss career opportunities for B.SC.  in fashion technology. Fashion has been a cornerstone of the modern era. We, as human beings were always intrigued by the latest designs and materials available to us in the world. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar company, but the fashion industry hasn’t completely arrived in India yet. There are various reasons as to why the fashion industry is still in the fledgling stage in our country. But, it makes more sense to discuss why this scenario is changing. The increased number of Indian fashion designers have paved the way for the growth of the industry in our country.

Career Growth and Skill Requirement

There are some great names in the fashion industry who have not only given some amazing designs to the local market but also acquired international fame. There are quite a few career opportunities, you can choose from as a graduate in fashion technology.  Fashion is creative, and if you do not have a more imaginative, and creative mindset, then it becomes incredibly tough to break into this industry and continue ahead. This fact should not, however, discourage you. With such strong competition comes innovation too. This is further another reason why the fashion industry is growing in the country. You can find more and more people shifting from commercial clothing to designer clothing.

Job Opportunities in Corporate Sector:

You can work in a corporate company such as Levis, or Rockport, Van Heusen in the designing team. You can even find a job as a quality assessment manager who is in the charge of the overall quality of the product that is being designed. It is incredibly hard to release your own line of clothing. You can try this option too, but we recommend that you gain experience before you jump into a business of your own.

Common Work Areas:

There are quite a few jobs opening in big media houses too. There are an entire line Journalism and mass media which is dedicated to fashion currently. You can further find employment at reputed textiles mills and lather factories too. You can do a job of quality assessment manager at these places of work. Further, you can find opportunities at a major Jewelry houses too. You can find positions with a Fashion Show organizer. The choices are amazing for a person with a degree in fashion technology, these days. Then, there are the jobs of apprenticeship. This is a competitive world and a good reference goes a long way. You can find work as a disciple of some of the biggest names in the fashion industry currently. There are absolutely no limits to what can be achieved in the fashion industry. The only required criterion is your talent.

Salary package:

The pay packet for fresher in the fashion industry is between 10,000 and 15,000 Indian rupees. But, you will notice that the salary increases as you go along. If you take the right steps in your career, then there is an incredible chance that you will double the amount of 3 years. You can find information on various jobs in the market related to fashion technology at fresherworld.com. They offer you insight into the pay structure and any further details you wish to know.


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