Surprising Tips That Actually Avoid Acne From Spreading

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No secret ingredient, no grandmother’s magical remedy, and no miracle gadget are going to make acne scars disappear entirely. It’s sad, but there is absolutely no need to be disappointed because most of the times the scars are not due to acne they are mere spots or discolouration.

There are several medical and cosmetic procedures available now thanks to technological advancements that majority of these marks can be lightened. Sometimes the damage is so deep it becomes irreversible.

Anyone who is struggling with acne needs to understand one thing; it is a disease, and you need to see a doctor.

There are different types of acne, and it is highly unlikely that you and your friend both are suffering from the same kind. So, stop doing what others told you to because it may have worked for them but it can worsen your case.

Don’t Be An Expert

Another no-go area is over the counter medicines. Many patients come to dermatologists after trying several gels, and creams. In such cases, the damage has already been done.

Stop consuming meds because someone with the acne told you to. You may have heard a lot of people saying that oh! It is just one more teenage problem.

Often it is but not always. Stop being an expert there is probably a strong reason people study dermatology in depth. It is highly risky to buy these medicines through online discount codes no matter how low the prices are until you have a prescription.

We are sharing some tips to take good care of the skin and avoid acne from spreading but remember these tips will only help with the proper treatment. Many myths will be busted, and many old remedies will be proved so, read along.

The Easy Breezy Habits To Save Yourself

1) Sanitizing Makeup Products

If you have an acne prone skin, it is essential to be very vigilant when buying makeup products. The acne mostly appears on oily or combination skin; dry skin acne is a rare case. It is advisable to buy non-oily products that are water-based.

1) Sanitizing Makeup Products

Also, it is equally or even slightly more important to cleanse the products used to apply makeup. Makeup brushes, puffs, and blenders should be washed and sanitised regularly. Sharing your cosmetics is a big no-no!

2) Face Washing Routine

Sleeping with the makeup on is like a sin! Every night before bed the skin of the face should be adequately cleaned, it is unarguable, and you have to do it your whole life without any exceptions. We can allow you not to wash your face in the morning though. Shocking?

2) Face Washing Routine

Well, yeah if you have washed the face last thing before bed, then there is apparently no need to rewash it first thing in the morning. It can wait till the afternoon. It is also not healthy to use face washes several time a day. Maximum any face wash should only be used twice in 2 hours. You can, however, wash with tap water but that too not obsessively.

3) The Myth Of A Separate Towel

Majority of us believed that if we have a towel to ourselves only it is enough to avoid acne from spreading. It is a myth! Acne spreads when it is touched with the bare skin or any material. When you re-use a towel, it probably will cause the spreading of unwanted zits. Keep disposable napkins or tissues with you to wipe the face.

4) Even Pillow Covers Are Not Spared

Same is the case with the pillow covers because when we sleep our face touches with the cloth. We understand that it is not practical to change the sheets and cover daily, but we have a solution for this issue as well. Keep a light linen cloth to cover the pillow and wash it with the tap water daily.

change the pillowcase for acne skin

5) Say No To Facials

If you are being treated for the acne, then your dermatologist may have asked already to stay away from the salons until it is healed completely. Acne is not a health hazard but it impairs the look for sure, and we all thought facials might help in maintaining the glow but with them banned what else could be done? The answer is aromatherapy.

no facial

The Magic Of Aromatherapy

Reason And Control

Acne typically happens when the pores are blocked, and excess oil cannot be secreted, and astonishingly essential oils can help. Several essential oils aid in balancing the oil secretions as result one can get fewer zits. It makes the aromatherapy an ideal way to control the acne. We re-stressing again it can only be controlled temporarily and not cured by the therapy and seeing a doctor is compulsory.

Beneficial Essential Oils

This is a problem millions of people suffer from all over the globe, and the majority comprises of young adults who are already very peculiar about the changes happening, and Aromatherapy associates voucher code may interest them the most. The most common essential oil associated with the acne is tea tree oil due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Then there is lavender which can be soothing for the skin.

Peppermint oil is also considered helpful because one it can control bacterial breakouts and two, it smells heavenly. Clary sage is one more option for it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Stop Popping The Problem

Last but not the least would be most heard and ignored fact; do not pop the pimples! Ou ought to suppress the urge of popping them because that way you are only allowing your acne to increase and we are sure you don’t intend it to happen.

acne popping is bad

Wrap Up

All said and written, the ultimate last advice would be the same we mentioned in the beginning and throughout this piece that doesn’t take it lightly, don’t think it is not severe enough, don’t wait too long, and don’t ignore it. Go see a professional as soon as you can because the skin is the only introduction you’ve got for the world to see.


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