Silver Colloidal an Essential Element for Top Class Skincare


Skincare is an essential part of living since this is one part of the human body that is exposed to the direct environment and bears the brunt of the change in temperature, dust, humidity along with all the changes that tend to take place in the external environment. Skin not only protects the underlying tissues and organs of the human body it is also a part of human body that has aesthetic value for human beings. The skin tone of a human being is an indicator of how much he or she cares for his body. Skincare products are available in abundance on the market. We as individuals need to know the ingredients of each product and select a product according to the requirements of our skin.

There are few ingredients in skincare products that are required for almost every skin tone. The basic requirement of vitamins, collagen, selenium, zinc, omega fatty acids, carotene, traces of gold and silver almost remain same for all skin tones and types. In case you are of those who have a penchant for maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin you need to have a glance at the ingredients while buying any skin product for yourself. Plus you need to watch out for your diet so that you can have a beautiful, glowing healthy skin.

A Few Properties of Colloidal Silver You Need to Know

Silver colloidal is one natural antimicrobial product that is capable of destroying the cell membrane of bacterial and fungal pathogens the main cause of skin problems. It is a water and silver solution. The best property of colloidal silver that makes it a star in terms of skin care is that the pathogens destroyed by silver colloidal never develop resistance towards it. Silver colloidal can be used externally and internally without any health issues.

Properties of Silver Colloidal that Make it a Star Skincare Product

Silver colloidal has been tested and known to be fatal to almost 650 different disease-causing pathogens. The pathogens were destroyed within minutes when exposed to small quantities of silver. Apart from that, the pathogens are not able to build any resistance towards silver which makes it one of the most sought-after elements in skincare. Colloidal silver has the ability to suffocate viruses which makes it use essentially in problems which need an antiviral element. HI/AIDS, Pneumonia, herpes, shingles and warts are few problems where the use of colloidal silver is undertaken in good numbers.

The Role of Skin Colloidal Silver in Skincare

When you are out to purchase colloidal silver based products you need to know what benefits you can reap out of them. Silver colloidal is not only helpful in keeping microbes at bay because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties; colloidal silver is a magnificent healing agent. Cuts and sores that take weeks to heal are treated within a matter of days if applied to the affected area. Not only humans colloidal silver is a good prospect in terms of skin care and healing agent for pets.

Acne a rampant problem among adults and teenagers is cured with the help of colloidal silver. Sunburns are known to soothe with the application of colloidal silver to the affected area. Rashes that turn itchy can be cured and soothed with the help of this essential element. Ringworms are quite common with people who sweat a lot. But, colloidal silver provides them a relief from ringworms when applied directly to the infection. An alternative therapy to chemotherapy used in the treatment of cancer is being investigated using silver.

Ancient scriptures mention the abundant use of silver even in eatables. The ancient science of Ayurveda is practiced essentially in India as an alternative medicinal practice with magnificent results puts a lot of emphasis on treatment via metallic colloidal. Colloidal silver has been their mainstay for skin care and traces of the element silver are also found in their diet.

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