Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks Swatches

Nykaa, a well-known Indian makeup brand just launched ”Matte To Last” liquid lipstick range. They started with eight and now 18 shades are available under the name. The Matte To Last range got an inspiration from different cities of India and are fashioned in Italy. The shades pilfered the essence of the magnificent cities.


For the packaging, it is really a cute one with the trademark of the city, (which is a building from the old times) printed on the black cardboard. You can also find the brand name and the ingredients along with other details about the product on packaging.


  1. The lightweight, moisturizing liquid lipsticks are fortified with vitamin E and a bunch of antioxidants. Vitamin E help to keep the lips hydrating and the antioxidants always enhance the life-time, whether it is of lips or the skin (green tea, skin products with antioxidants).
  2. Also, paraben and some shades are even preservative free.
  3. I found these lipsticks soft-hydrated and super lightweight.

Coverage and pigmentation:

One stroke of super pigmented product delivers a lot for an even coverage that can stand for 6-7 hours. What I found wrong about it is, it fades from the center after a meal.

But Do not worry 🙂

The issue addressed in the next launches and the new additions in the range sustain to meals.

My Favorite Shades:

MUMTAJ 13 is one of my favorites from the Matte to Last liquid lipsticks. Inspired from the city of love Agra and is essence of the monument of love Taj Mahal, the MUMTAJ 13 is an amazing red tone.

Let’s see what’s some of their shades looks like.

Guwa-Hottie 03

Asam’s city Guwahati is the inspiration behind this shade. The muddy shade is adaptable to every skin tone and every occasion.

 Chai 18

I love my energy booster ”the tea”. It takes away all my weariness and makes me feel ready to work even after hours of continuous work. The other thing that makes me feel the same is Nykaa’s Chai 18 liquid lipstick. It’s nude brown shade with a staying power of 4-5 hours is awesome.

MumTaj 13

The red shade with an orange undertone comes in Taj-Mahal printed packing. Paraben and preservative free lipstick is good to wear anytime, but, it slightly fades from the center of lips after a meal.

IT Girl 06

The plum shade that can go for all skins with a staying power more than any shade of the range.

Madras-Kaapi 05

Another brownish shade! It is smudge proof, creamy and fabulous. The light scent is another plus point.

Mishti 10

The color looks deep red but on the application, it is more reddish pink than deep red. The traditional bold color is not for everyday use but fits best with traditional Indian look.

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Here are some new shades launched by Nykaa

nykaa matte to last liquid lipstick new shades

The Matte to Last range is like some of the liquid lipsticks in the market, in texture, in odor and in properties. But, I prefer NYKAA because it is more affordable than the like ones. So, why buy an expensive version?

A very quick delivery service assists such an amazing product. Order your choice, you will love it!

Suitable to All Skin TYpes9.8
Reasonable Price 9.1
No Faulty Smell9.2
Hydrating Formula8.5
8.7Overall Score

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