The 7 Date Night Hair Ideas Every Girl Should Wear On Valentine’s Day

Most girls are hopeless romantics. We love the idea of love that we spend some time to celebrate our own kind of love every year. While some girls celebrate love by dating, others firmly believe that the love month is not always about dates.

Celebrating love could be a celebration of self-love too. That’s why some girls would take this moment to simply glam up, not for the others but for themselves.  

Love is really in the hair! Yup, love month has just arrived and so many hairstyle trends are blowing up along with it. Girls, for sure, are prettily obsessed with their Valentine look so we gathered some of the most romantic hairstyles that you can wear on that special day.

Dare to impress your dates or just express yourself with the following hair ideas below:     

Curtain Bangs

The ‘curtain bangs’ has always been the signature haircut of Fifty Shades of Grey lead star Dakota Johnson even before it gets trendy.

Curtain bangs, from the name itself, are two curtain-like circles of long, messy, swaying bangs that run from side-to-side.

Though bangs are sometimes hard to deal with, they could look amazing with a perfect pair of good blow-drying skills and a small-bristle hairbrush to put every strand in place.   

Short Hair + Beachy Waves

The ‘beachy waves on a short haircut’ is now the ultimate L.A. Girl vibe.

What most stylists love about it is that the hair doesn’t look hard and solid, unlike the roaring curls we knew.

Beachy waves are smooth and manageable that you can do a flip hair without totally breaking the style.

It could go along either with any urban clothing or a chic cocktail dress.


From a super dull to an instant “It Girl” hairdo, the transformation is real with various accessories like bridal pins, floral headbands, fresh-cut flowers, elastic headwraps, and bows.

While headbands are effortless, you can add some fresh style by pinning one side of your hair that runs sleekly at the back of your ear in a cross-like pattern.

 High Ponytail

An extremely high ponytail is an all-time statement that can be worn in any celebration. It effortlessly adds elegance to your style, especially if you pair it up with some stunning jumpsuit that will rock a date night.

What makes it so sleek is a shine serum that you can apply to get rid of stubborn tangles and flyaways.  

 Sleek and Single-length Bob

I’m beginning to love everything about this sleek and single-length bob cut that’s worn by almost everyone these days. Its simplicity and elegance will convince you to ditch the old-school layered style you used to love. I’m pretty impressed with how a single-length bob cut could be so versatile that it can look so well with either casual or preppy clothes, long skirts, and even maxi dresses.   

Sleek and Single length bob

Braided Updo

The braided curl fever is not yet over. There are so many braid lengths and styles that you can choose from but something that would perfectly work on a date night is the braided updo. It comes with multiple braids that wrap around a low bun. The style is so feminine and classy. Try it if you want to be the goddess of the night.    

braided updo

Wild Curls

The hair inspired by celebrities like Lorde, Taylor Swift, and Shakira is making a wild trend this year. The hairstyle is so strong and powerful. You can even say goodbye to straighteners and step out with the rebelliously romantic vibe of big wild curls. I guess it’s best styled with any dark-hued clothes.

 By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger by heart and by profession. She currently writes for a digital marketing firm. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there.


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