5 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Major Hair Change

Many professional hairstylists love going through the hair change journey with their clients. I can imagine how exciting it is to hear your client say they finally want to go blonde, they wish to cut off their 16-inch hair or getting hair extensions. Whether your style is generally conservative or creative, the following questions need clear-cut answers.

A major hairstyle change should be a decision made by you, for you…not with the intention of copying a model or pleasing someone. Neither should you do it because it is what is “trending”.

Avoid impulsive decision making an analyze all aspects, such as personality, face type, and lifestyle. This is why you need to get a stylist that you trust because he/she will help you to answer some of these questions.

1) Will this work for me?

This needs to be answered honestly by both you and your stylist. The trust established between the two of you will make hair appointments less stressful. Establishing a trustworthy relationship isn’t easy.

This is why it is advisable to stick to one stylist, and make regular visits to them. If your stylist feels your hair needs a trim, go ahead and give it one. The period that she has handled your hair guarantee that she will notice wear and tear as soon as they begin to form.

So, a dramatic hairstyle change should be done by a trusted hair stylist. Going to a brand-new stylist for a dramatic change risks you being hugely disappointed. well, it might turn out great, but you can’t be 100% sure.

Consult your stylist and let her give an opinion on your idea.

Since there’s an established relationship, they know you so well that they can tell if your suggested style will suit you. Generally, you both should land on a happy medium. A professional stylist wouldn’t want to create lots of work for you if they know its high maintenance and it can’t suit your lifestyle.

2) How short or long does this actually look?

The biggest bone of contention between stylists and clients is length. A stylist may suggest trimming one inch off only for you to realize it is longer than you had imagined. Let them show you the exact length your hair will take after the change. Additionally, the varying lengths of necks also make an aspired style to look different from one person to another.

What exactly does “shoulder length” mean? Does the hair graze, hover or lay on the shoulder? Be sure to iron out every aspect in detail so that your stylist understands exactly what you want.

3) Can I manage the maintenance that comes with it?

Will the time and effort required to maintain the new style be realistic? Are you a lazy natural? A wash-and-go perhaps?

The new style should still allow you to enjoy your favorite styling options without breaking a sweat. Well, you might not hear me when I tell you to stick to one stylist, but please be realistic in your expectations.

4) Will I afford the products required to maintain this hairstyle?

Hair products are known to be a major game changer. However, some stylists take advantage of your lack of awareness and might even force you to buy unnecessary products from them.

If your hairstylist suggests more than three products, there’s no harm in cutting them short and asking, ” if you were to use just one, which one would it be?”.

You might not get the exact look she’d envisioned for you, but one product is better than nothing at all.

5) Will I enjoy the growth process?

Of all the questions, this one will confirm that you really want to implement the change you are planning for. If you are going for a bob cut and not sure how you are going to handle its growth process, this question might make you change your mind. However, you will still be free to do regular trims in order to maintain the initial style. The bottom line is, there are pretty ways and not so pretty ways to grow out short hair.

Be sure to schedule a consultation visit that will last; longer than usual, so that you and your stylist cover every aspect of this transformation. And once the color or cut has been done, give it 4 to 5 days before forming an opinion about this hairstyle. A new stylist might not tell whether it doesn’t suit you because they have nothing to compare to. It will take approximately a week to finally decide whether you like or not.

Even if you are a queen of sticking to the usual color and cut, these questions will have you glad that you decided to transform your look. It doesn’t hurt to break away from the usual at times?

Have you ever considered or had a dramatic hair transformation? Let us know how it went in the comment section below!

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