A Definitive Guide To Eyebrow Embroidery


Eyebrow embroidery has always gained popularity as one of the beauty trends among women. The artwork has been observed in Australia and Asia for more than 10 years. Technically, such form of art involves injecting colored pigments in order to promote hair growth around the eyebrows. While the beauty treatment embellishes the eyebrows in a different way, it is specifically carried for those having a brow deficit. So, before you give it a try, you should scroll ahead and go through this comprehensive guide.

How is Eyebrow Embroidery Carried Out?

Initially, a beauty expert sketches the desired lines with the help of the brow pencil. Once the fashionista is contented with how the art would appear, she can then request the expert to proceed with the treatment.

At the first instance, the beautician cleans the brows slowly and gently. Later, she applies a little bit of anesthetic cream so that the area becomes numb. This step is carried out so that the lady won’t face any pain as the expert moves on with the process.

Once the outline is determined, the expert uses a tiny blade to inject the pigments with hair-like strokes. As the tint seeps inside the epidermis layers, the skin might get swollen and appear dark red in color. There’s actually nothing to worry about because the skin appears normal after a few hours.

As the skin is cut away with great care and color shade is applied carefully, the entire process would take as much as two hours.

The interesting fact about eyebrow embroidery is that it lasts for two years as compared to eyebrow tattoos. However, a touch up can help to keep the color shade consistent and never let it fade away in a short span of time.

Usually, the entire process can be expensive since it costs anywhere between $300 and $600. In order to prevent the brows from getting exposed to makeup, it’s better to apply a few coats of an after cream. The lady should also remember to go for touch-ups till she is confident that the color shade won’t fade away. In case of doubts, the individual shouldn’t waste time thinking but spare time in speaking with the beautician instantly.


Just like any other treatment, the skin doesn’t get damaged due to eyebrow embroidery. The process is considered to be safe only when you undergo the treatment at a well-known salon. Before the beautician starts off, you must make sure whether she is using sterilized tools. Besides, you should check if the blades are changed with new ones.

Ladies of all age groups can flaunt eyebrow embroidery. But, to perceive best results, the artwork is recommended only for women who have thin eyebrows or have bald spots around the area.   In case you wish to beautify your brows, then you should opt for 3D embroidery. You are sure to flatter in front of the mirror because you would now be showing off style in a natural way.

Finally, you shouldn’t carry out the task all by yourself. Instead, it’s worth the investment when you seek assistance from experienced beauticians.


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