A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Men’s Body Lotion

best men body lotion

Along with your face, your skin also needs that nourishment and moisturization all day long to stay healthy, glowing and bloomy. Gone are the days, when women used to be the only ones to take care of their hair, make-up, and skin. Fashion trends have changed and now men also take as good care of their face and personality as women. But one arena where males still lag a little behind than females is understanding the significance of keeping their skin moisturized to avoid the probability of diseases like Skin cancers and staying healthy always.

Applying body lotions daily can help you in feeling fresh, smelling fresh and attaining smoother and healthier skin. Body lotions also differ as per your gender because of the difference in the skin types. Men have sweatier, rougher and thicker skin with more collagen and slower aging effects when compared to that of women. So naturally, their skin needs also change and so does the body lotion.

best body lotion for men

When it comes to buying men’s lotions, a lot of things need to be considered to choose the best product which could suit and enhance your personality as well. We have incorporated some major points to be considered to help you buy the best body lotion for men.
  • Skin Type: The type of your skin speaks a lot about the type of nourishment it requires. People who have oily skin should opt for a lightweight lotion with lower concentrations of oils and emulsifiers. While those having dry skin should prefer lotions with higher oil, wax and water content. Those with a normal or combination skin should opt for gel creams.
  • Weather/Seasonal changes: As Seasons change, you should consider changing your lotion. For example in summers, your skin requires a thinner lotion while in winters, it requires a heavier cream because of the dry weather leaving your skin rough.
  • Allergic Reactions: Before buying any lotion, always consider looking at the ingredients to avoid any allergies due to any constituent. Also check if the lotion contains ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea butter, Glycerin, Emulsifiers, etc.
  • Lotion properties like the fragrance:  These days, lotions are perfumed and so along with providing nourishment, also enrich your body with a soothing aroma. Make sure to smell the lotion before buying to choose the best lotion appropriately suiting your entire persona.
  • Sunscreen properties: Many lotions also contain Sunscreen protection for providing protection to your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. If you have a sensitive skin and is prone to Sun burns, then you should consider buying Sunscreen body lotions. Even if you have a normal skin, staying protected from Sun’s devastating effects is always a better option.

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