7 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair

tea tree oil for skin and hair

tea tree oil for skin and hair

Years before medical science and industrial revolution people use to maintain, attain and treat different issues with nature’s provided gifts. Tea tree oil is one of them and probably one of the most promoted oil in the recent times.It has become popular natural oil that is used in different shampoos, soaps, and ointments because of its antiseptic and healing properties. Tea tree oil is part of medical studies for over seven decades.  It is time for me to tell you how to incorporate it into your life and few reasons to make this essential oil part of your next shopping.

1) Tea Tree Oil for Acne

A pimple and acne are issues that probably every one of us experiences in their life. Skin breakout can be caused due to hormonal issues, environmental pollution or chemical based products that we use on your skin. Where benzoyl is used to treat acne they also have side effects like causing redness and dry skin. However, Tea tree oil can be used to reduce skin breakout without experiencing any further issues.

Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with 20 to 40 drops of witch hazel, and apply to the skin once or twice a day with a cotton swab or you can mix it with honey for better results. Apply the mixture for few minutes and rinse.

2) Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Well, tea tree can be used for healthier hairs just like any other oil. It has characteristic that soothes the dry flaking scalp and helps in removal of dandruff. You can use tea tree oil with Aloe Vera gel and coconut milk to nourish your hairs. Do you know that tea tree oil can also help in the treatment of lice? You can check few tips here at my latest Post.

3) Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

You can also use tea tree oil to get rid of body odor. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil aids in destroying bacteria on the skin which creates body odor. You can form a bar for applying it with ease. Take coconut oil, bee wax, cornstarch and tea tree oil, melt and mix the ingredients and let it cool again it will form a bar.

4) Insect Repellent

If you are out of home hiking or traveling outdoors you may risk your skin without using an insect repellent. The mosquitoes and insect repellents available in the markets have other chemicals too that can cause the reaction. Therefore, you can use Tea tree oil as an insect repellent which probably has greater ability to repel insects.

5) Antiseptic for Minor Cuts and Scrapes

As I have already discussed it prior that tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, therefore, it can also be used to cleanse, treat and heal any injuries that result in broken skin. Rinse the cut with water, mix drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply a little amount of it and repeat the process twice a day.

6) Makeup Remover

As tea tree oil has so many benefits you can use it in your makeup remover. You can make your own makeup remover by mixing one-fourth cup of extra virgin oil with minimum 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. Shake it well and place it in a safe place. Remove makeup with this mixture and cleanse your face.

7) Treat Fungus

You can use tea tree oil to infected nails and area where the fungus is present. If you will use it twice a day regularly you will soon see the results.

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Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.


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