5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Include Spa Visits in Your Grooming Routine as A Man


For as long as anyone can remember, spas have been known to be to be the ultimate women’s getaway spots. However, you find that in the recent years, about 47% of all the spa-goers are men. Almost a half the number. Think of all the trimmed facial hair and clean-cut nails and hair. Whatever services spas offer. Men are a lot of it. By now, you tell that spas aren’t only meant for ladies.

Even the men can get a shot at getting their appearances tuned up. But going to a spa as a 21st century goes beyond just wearing the Men’s Robes available in the spa and getting a massage, there are so many things you can do while you are in a spa.

Men’s spa treatments

Typically, you find that spas are indulged by women who have busy work-a-day lives. Not to mention all the multi-tasking mamas. But then, there isn’t any valid reason as to why men can’t also enjoy the spa services as well. Today, you find that more spas are introducing male-specific options and spa services like scrubs and waxing. So, you don’t have to wonder why there’s a bunch of Men’s Robes in the next spa you visit. Spas can have you looking finely groomed, and you find that no one’s complaining either about having men who keep their physical and mental wellness tuned or in fine shape.

  1. Waxing

Here’s one pointer as to why most men visit spas nowadays. Men head into spas to wax their chests, back, and even their faces. These are some of the top choices as to why most men have spa trips. Waxed hair takes a lot longer to grow back compared to shaved hair. Plus, the waxing also gives the body a cleaner and more defined look.

Waxing also allows men to do other things like going to the gym, working, and even meeting friends. Any man would take this to standing in front of a mirror every other day tediously shaving away. Today, you also find that men are also more into unique and ultra-defined facial hair. Features which you cannot get shaving from home. Waxing, however, gives men this option to fine-comb the shape of their facial hair using razor-sharp precision. This is a lot harder to accomplish while using an at-home blade.

  1. Grooming

Another reason why most men visit spas these days is to improve their grooming. Massages aren’t just for the ladies. Even the men can frequent spas for a well-deserved unwinding session. Plus, you’ll never regret having made the decision. Think of all the work that men do throughout the day. Plus, the fact that they also have to hit the gym. Well, this makes a massage a well-deserved treat. Massages also come with many other benefits besides just unwinding. Massages can help you get into shape physically by relaxing stiff or stressed muscles and even soothe the sore ones after a hard day’s work. Sometimes, even just stretching after hitting the gym may not be enough. Get into the spa and work on maintaining your physical wellbeing.

  1. Manly-cures

Whoever said that men couldn’t also have clean, cut, and shaped nails lied. Men also have just as equal rights to nicely done nails on both their hands and toes as the ladies. If anything, having your manly-cures done professionally can have you looking more business-like. Plus, it will also help you with your cuticle health as well. However, you find that most men don’t put much attention to nail care. But then, nobody can complain when males visit spas looking to have a mani-pedi.

  1. Body scrubs

Everyone’s always looking to have their skins looking young and healthy at all times. The ladies are especially always keen in this sector. But then, even men have been spotted enjoying having body scrubs now and then. Having a body scrub is one of the best ways of having and maintaining clean, healthy skin. Body scrub sessions ideally work to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the client’s body. And you realize that most men are usually drawn to this particular spa service for many other reasons too. Not only does body scrub have a pleasant feeling having to clean and smooth skin. Body scrubs also help to boost men’s confidence and physical mentality as well. So, the next time you see guys in Men’s Robes looking to have body scrubs, don’t look so surprised.

  1. Self-pampering

Sometimes, a man may just be looking to pamper and ‘spoil’ himself especially after a hard day’s work. There’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, it shows that the man cares for his body and has good grooming etiquette too. Also, it is essential to note that this relaxing time and period wasn’t also just meant for women alone. Anyone that wants to try a trip to the spa is more than welcome to do so. And if this will be your first time doing so, then trust that you won’t be disappointed by the services you receive.

Tips for men

For the first-time spa-goers, it can sometimes seem a bit daunting. You even find that most men fear to go to spas just because they do not know the protocol involved. You know; the do’s and don’ts while at the spa. Well, fear no more. Here are some of the most essential tips you might need to have with you when you visit the spa.

  • Have manners – there will be a lot of skin that’ll be exposed at the spa. It is, therefore, essential that you remember to respectful of other people at the facility as well.
  • Don’t be timid – ask any questions you may have. The employees will have the answers for you.
  • Arrive on time – most spa sessions are made from appointments. Therefore, you must be mindful to keep time and stick to the schedule as there are other clients too who will need the employees’ services.

Final thoughts

Men can enjoy just as much spa sessions as the women. Gone are the days when spas were strictly left to the ladies. Plus, as you can see, even the men seem to enjoy spas too. Plus, also enjoy the many benefits spas offer. Take your chance today and visit the nearest spa near you. See how it works out.


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