10 Steps To Do Flawless Makeup At Home for Any Occasion

makeup tutorial

makeup tutorial

Every woman wants to get flawless makeup for a wedding or a party or any other special occasion. But, not everyone has enough time to go parlour or salon. So, you need to know proper makeup guide so that you can easily get the flawless skin without going anywhere. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step makeup applying tips on how to do at home for any occasion.

Step 1

Let’s Begin with Applying Primer: 


Before applying the foundation, you need to moisturize your skin properly. Before applying foundation, use a good quality primer as per your skin texture. There are a variety of top brands primers available in the market. Always choose the primer with greater care as they are highly made according to the skin concerns like large pores, oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and many more. The most interesting feature of primer is that a primer makes a foundation last longer. And, if you have very sensitive skin then you must make a habit of applying primer before the foundation as to avoid the acne problem.

Step 2

Next step is to apply the Foundation:


Before applying the foundation, you need to check that whether your skin is properly moisturized or not. Now, Apply a good foundation of your choice- liquid, powder or cream. If you choose the liquid foundation that makes sure to set the foundation with the loose powder. The loose powder will help the foundation to stay longer.

Step 3

Now, it’s the time for the Eyeshadow:


The common mistake that every woman do while choosing the eyeshadow colour they try to match it with their dress. Instead of that always choose the right colour for your eyeshadow which is opposite to your dress.  Apply a darker colour in the crease and follow it up with a highlighter up to your brow bone. Use a flat eyeshadow brush and a domed shaped brush to blend it.

Step 4

Time for the Kajal

kajal application

Nowadays, Kajal comes in a variety of colours. You can choose any colour like black, brown, blue or green. While using the coloured eyeliner always keep in mind to apply the coloured kajal to the waterline and then line the lash line with black eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is perfect for Indian makeup. But, never mistaken the smoky eye makeup with the red lips. Smoky eye makeup is well suited with the nude lipsticks or you can keep them natural by applying the coloured lip balm.

Step 5

Curl your Lashes and apply the Mascara

curl lashes and mascara

Before applying the mascara, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to make them look awaken. Now apply the mascara from root of the lashes to the tip in a zigzag motion. This will add volume and definition to your lashes.

Step 6

Add some Blush to your Cheeks


For a natural glow, start applying the blush on the apple of your cheeks. To know where to start from, smile in the mirror and this way you will see the high rise points of your cheeks. Start from the apple of your cheeks to the hairline into an upward circular motion. Always use a buffy brush to apply blush on your cheeks.

Step 7

Contouring and Highlighting



This is the most important step in the makeup which is mostly used for photography. Always use the dark brown colour for the contouring which is 2 shades darker from your skin tone. Apply the contouring powder on the cheekbones and blend them properly so that no lines should be visible.  To highlight apply a shimmer blush on your T-Zone and cheekbones. When the light falls on these areas then your skin is going out the sheen which looks amazing especially in photographs.

Step 8

Lip Liner

lip liner

Before initializing your lips makeup, moist your lips using a good quality lip balm so that your lipstick and lip liner slide easily on your lips. When you feel your lips are moisturized properly then remove the lip balm with a tissue and line your lips with the help of a lip pencil. Apply the lip liner to the entire lips to make a base for your lip colour.

Step 9

Apply Lipstick


Apply lipstick on the base coat and then place a tissue over your lips to remove the smudges. Tap some loose powder on your lips with the help of the brush. The powder will help your lipstick to stay longer. After this, apply another coat of the lipstick and dap the tissue a bit. Now, your lipstick will not lose its colour.

Step 10

Use Makeup Setting Spray


Use a makeup setting spray and spray a bit all over the face and keep the spray soak into the makeup. During and after the spray, do not touch your face.

Now, Smile and walk with the confidence as you have followed all the right steps of the makeup. Do not forget your million dollar smile. We hope that these above tips will help you to do flawless makeup in no time.

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